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Jamaal Branch (Fitness and Sport Coach)

“I specialize in nutrition, workouts, meditation, self-defense, yoga stretching, strength training and cardio.

Questions: Call or text 1(520) 339-9442

Investors: [email protected]

Aura Monk Self-defense:

  • Weapons (use and disarming): Sword, Bow staff and Knife
  • Guns (disarming): Pistol and Rifle
  • Hand to hand (MMA): Muay thai striking, judo throws, ground pounding grappling and submissions

Mission Statement:

What I tell all the new soon to be practicing Aura Monks; “You’ll train in a variety of martial arts using hand-to-hand, knives, swords and disarming, but the focus is on developing Aura (mental & life energy) as a foundation for longevity, mental health, and fitness, not just for fighting.” You have to understand that this is what true martial arts was created for. It was about peaceful monks protecting themselves by disarming and stopping further violence. Not for domestic abuse. People are not connected and they are objectifying each other, that is a serious problem in our world that will be fixed when they understand their aura and their connection to all. “Having more disciplined high quality auras effects the universe in a very positive way vibrationally!” This all leads to the creation of a gym and competitions using the aura monk fighting style to win prize money! Firm foundational practices that turn men and women into outstanding human beings with great physiques.

The Way of the World the Will of the Mind.  (About Jamaal’s experiences in the United States Marine Corps and a power that changed his life forever.)
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