Aura Monk Training

Mission Statement:

What I tell all the new soon to be practicing Aura Monks;

“You’ll train in a variety of martial arts using hand-to-hand, knives, swords and disarming guns, but the focus is on developing Aura (mental & life energy) as a foundation for longevity, mental health, and fitness, not just for fighting. You have to understand that this is what true martial arts was created for. It was about peaceful monks protecting themselves by disarming and stopping further violence, not for sport, domestic abuse or profit. People are not connected and they are objectifying each other, that is a serious problem in our world that will be fixed when they understand their aura. This all leads to the development of a gym with firm foundational practices that turn men and women into outstanding human beings with great physiques.

What I do that is different from other trainers: "Having a stable hormonal balance is vitally important to everyone's health and mental state." I teach you how to naturally keep a proper hormonal balance to increase absorption levels for regeneration, lower the risk of getting cancer, keep a positive mental mindset, and properly develop mental and life force energy from a stable range.

 In the Aura Monk Training you get one on one training with me covering bodybuilding, martial arts and the quality of your aura for 30 training days. You can take the 30 day course as many times as needed to become proficient or an expert. A payment plan can be setup. The training cost is $75 per hour in Tucson Arizona. A training session is usually 1 – 3 hours long. You can set your days of training to fit your schedule. Sign up down below to get started, I look forward to seeing you.